Sunday, December 2, 2012

Flourine APEX Mineral

Flourine (F #9) is the next element on the periodic table for my APEX mineral collection.  
Wikipedia Flourine
Flourine Minerals - There are many 
Flourine minerals.  

Flourite (CaF2contains 49% Flourine and is the best APEX mineral.  The other minerals with higher concentrations are not common.
Flourine is a green gas at ambient conditions and is easily the most reactive element.  For a long time, no container could contain it.  Several 19th century experimenters, the "fluorine martyrs", were killed or blinded attempting this.  The only container that works is teflon coated quartz tubes.

Flourine is relatively rare in the universe but rather common on Earth.  How did so much Flourine end up on Earth?  The answer is unknown.  The mechanism of Flourine synthesis in stars is unknown.  
Flourine compounds are of immense commercial importance as intermediate reactants in the production of many other compounds.  The largest use of elemental fluorine, uranium enrichment, was developed during the Manhattan Project.  Flourine compounds are also used heavily in the refrigeration industry.
Flourine has no metabolic role in mammals.  Some organisms do produce organofluorine poisons.

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