Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bromine APEX Mineral

Bromine (Br #35) is the next element on the periodic table for my APEX mineral collection. 
Wikipedia Bromine
Bromine Minerals - There are very few Bromine minerals.  
Bromargyrite (AgBr) with 43% Bromine is my obvious APEX mineral.  It is only found as inclusions in other minerals.  All Bromine minerals are salts so it does not completely satisfy my APEX Mineral definition.
Bromine is very rare on Earth.  However, the high solubility of bromide ion has caused its accumulation in the oceans.
Bromine and its compounds were unknown before modern times.
Bromine is used in flame retardants and is the primary usage.  There are safety issues with Bromine toxicity still being addressed.
Bromine has no essential function in mammals.  Some algae use Bromine in enzymes.
This is what my hand looked like after Bromine was poured all over it.  I was doing a lab experiment gone bad.  It didn't hurt much but boy was there lots of smoke.

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