Sunday, November 4, 2012

Yttrium APEX Mineral

Yttrium (Y #39) is the next element on the periodic table for my APEX mineral collection.   

Wikipedia Yttrium
Yttrium Minerals - There are many 
Yttrium minerals.
Bastnasite-(Y) (Y(CO3)F) with 53% Yttrium is the obvious APEX Mineral.  This is my first mineral with a "generalized" formula.  The more common forms of Bastnasite are Bastnasite-(Ce)  (Ce(CO3)F) and Bastnasite-(La)  (La(CO3)F).
All forms have little difference in physical properties.
Yttrium is our first "rare earth element".   

  • 17 metallic elements that have very similar properties.  Despite the name, these rare earth elements are relatively plentiful.  You just can't find useful deposits hence the "rare" description.  
  • When more concentrated rare earth deposits are found,  most of these elements will be diffused throughout the deposits.  
  • It is extremely difficult to separate each of the 17 rare earth elements from each other.
Yttrium and its compounds were unknown before modern times.
Yttrium is primarily used in making phosphors for CRTs and LEDs.
Yttrium has no known biological role.

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