Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rhenium APEX Mineral

Rhenium (Re #75) is the next element on the periodic table for my APEX mineral collection.  

Wikipedia Rhenium
Rhenium Minerals - There are 2 volcanic minerals for Rhenium!  These are not practical to obtain for my APEX mineral since they are so rare and so small in size.

Rhenium is one of the rarest elements on Earth.   Discovered in 1925, Rhenium was the last stable element to be discovered. It was named after the river Rhine in Europe.

The best Rhenium source is some Molybdenite minerals with up to 1% Rhenium.

Rhenium is one of the 5 Refractory metals.  
  • Melting point above 2000 °C
  • High hardness at room temperature 
  • Chemically inert 
  • High density
  • Powder metallurgy instead of machining to create manufactured parts
Rhenium was unknown until modern times.
Rhenium is primarily used in jet engine parts.  Rhenium supplies are a critical problem to this industry.
Rhenium has no known biological role.