Monday, December 10, 2012

MEOWSER Software Images

MEOWSER software runs on a Windows PC.  Screen shots are shown below.......

MEOWSER Cabinet navigation mode 
Point at the rock and you get lots of info about the minerals in the rock and the elements in each mineral.
MEOWSER Element navigation mode
Point at the element and only the rocks which contain that element light up. 
MEOWSER Architecture diagram of electronics
The database driven computer software sends commands to the Arduino which sends the on/off signals to all the LED lights.  Shift Register integrated circuits translate one byte into 8 bits controlling 8 lights.  Darlington transistor array integrated circuits are the high power power on/off switches for the lights which are switched by the low power Arduino.  
MEOWSER data model diagram of the SQL Server database
Each Mineral contains many elements.
Each Rock contains many minerals.
Each Cabinet (16 lights) contains many Rocks.
Each Rock has one or two lights.

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